Baudelaire in a Box, Episode #6: Elevation (in Chicago)

After a successful October weekend at Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theater, brought the latest installment of Baudelaire in a Box to Chicago.

Baudelaire in a Box, Episode 6: Elevation
was performed
March 5-8, 7pm, 2014
at the new Links Hall
3111 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
$15 advance tix available on-line. “More if you’ve got it, free if you’re broke” tickets at the door.

Welcome to Oobleck’s19th-century movie house of ill-repute, Baudelaire in a Box, Episode #6: Elevation. Charles Baudelaire’s notorious poems are set to music and performed by Adelind Horan, Amalea Tshilds, Kate Douglas, and Nora O’Connor (performing compositions by Amy Warren), as yards and yards of Dave Buchen’s beautiful and witty paintings scroll by as an interactive backdrop.

They are joined by Jim Becker (Iron & Wine, Califone, Paulina Hollers) on mandolin & violin and Ted Day on cello.

Dubbed “an act of extravagant artistic idiosyncrasy” by the Chicago Reader, Baudelaire in a Box is a serial cantastoria project based on the work of Charles Baudelaire. Over the course of seven years (culminating in 2017, the sesquicentennial of Baudelaire’s death), the project will adapt each poem from Fleurs du mal as a unique cantastoria, pairing each musical adapation with “crankies” designed and illustrated by Dave Buchen. Over 30 poems have already been adapted and performed in Illinois, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Wisconsin, by a growing group of musical collaborators.

It is a project so ambitious, so immense, that it cannot be contained on a single web page. And so:

Dave is blogging about the process here, at the Baudelaire in a Box Blog.

A video explanation of the cantastoria art form is presented by our colleague Clare Dolan here.

And learn more about Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal here.

Photo by Kristin Basta.

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