UNQUENCHED: Music from Baudelaire In A Box Episode 9

Theater Oobleck has released its second studio album of music from its Baudelaire In A Box project: Unquenched: Music from Baudelaire In A Box Episode 9, featuring music composed and translated by Reid Coker (The Judy Green, Billy Blake and The Vagabonds) Annie Higgins (Weatherman), Angela James, Abraham Levitan (Baby Teeth, Nerds On Tour), Ronnie Kuller (Mucca Pazza, Tom Musick), Mark Messing (Operamatic, Mucca Pazza), and Joey Spilberg (Bad Mashedi) as well as Theater Oobleck’s own Jeff Dorchen, Mickle Maher, and Chris Schoen, arranged and performed by a band that includes composers James, Kuller, Schoen, and Spilberg, as well as Emmy Bean, T-Roy Martin, and David E. Smith.

The Chicago Reader wrote of Episode 9’s “lovely, sweet-minded kind of darkness,” highlighting Mickle Maher and Ronnie Kuller’s “slangy, comic treatment of “L’Avertisseur” (about the nasty yellow snake living in every man’s heart).” (See the official music video for this song here.)

“Baudelaire In A Box” is a cantastoria cycle seven years in the making, adapting the poetry of Charles Baudelaire for song and illustration. The project will culminate in August with a final three day festival of music and hand-cranked images: Closed Casket, at Links Hall At Constellation.