Remembering Danny Thompson

On May 20, 2019 we lost our co-founder and guiding light, Danny Thompson. He passed away following a swift decline due to an uncommon genetic liver disease, and the Oobleck community grieves the loss of our buoyant, brilliant friend.

The cruel fact of his passing has occasioned an outpouring of remembrances of his many triumphs on the Oobleck stage, and a hunger to revisit them. With this in mind, we present this extraordinary work, with text and narration by Terri Kapsalis, live audio from John Corbett, and video collage by Danny. The Hysterical Alphabet premiered in 2007 in Chicago, and then toured college campuses for several years. This video, documenting a live performance, was of course edited by Danny. And you can hear his voice, narrating letter Q in this alphabet.

posted 05/30/2019