Official Video for "The Drag"

We sometimes talk about crankies being a kind of low-tech proto music video. And that’s true! But sadly you can’t share them very easily on social media. So, please to enjoy this newfangled Official Music Video from our latest Baudelaire In Box album, Unquenched, available now at our Bandcamp site!

The Drag (Official Music Video)

From Unquenched: Music From Baudelaire In A Box Episode 9
Available at:

“The Drag” was composed by Ronnie Kuller, setting Mickle Maher’s translation of “L’avertisseur,” by Charles Baudelaire.

Videography by Cat Jarboe.

Snake images used with kind permission of Joseph Farah. See more of his beautiful reptile and amphibian photos at:

posted 05/16/2017