This spring Theater Oobleck debuts a death defying new work of pre-cinematic splendor. 6×6 features six performers — Teria Gartelos, David Isaacson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jenny Magnus, Diana Slickman and Danny Thompson — who will spin stories and tell tall tales as they improvise off of six painted scrolls by six artists. 6×6 will be a part of the Banners & Cranks festival of cantastoria at Links Hall Apr 30–May 2.

The artists will each create a long illustrated scroll to create the basis for six different stories. The artists include painters who have worked with Theater Oobleck and Tim Portlock and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, the puppeteers Blair Thomas and Peter Schumann and artists in the Puertorican puppet scene Deborah Hunt and Javier Maldonado O’Farrell.

Each night of the weekend the six scrolls will be interpreted by two different performers giving the audience a multifaceted show of stories converging and diverging. The performers will employ a variety of routes to their version of the story using music, foley sound effects and story telling.

The Banners and Cranks festival is the first cantastoria exhibition in North America. Read more about it at the festival’s Kickstarter page, including how you can—and why you should—help to underwrite it with your pledge.

Performances April 30-May 2
Fri & Sat at 8pm / Sun at 7pm
LINKS HALL 3435 N. Sheffield Ave. map

More info and tickets can be found at

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