Buchen & Schoen perform Friday at gallery opening

Oobleck ensemble members Dave Buchen and Chris Schoen will be giving a free performance this Friday, April 16, from 5pm – 8:30pm, at the Packer Schopf Gallery, 942 W Lake.

It is the opening night of the Cranks and Banners exhibit of cantastoria. (What is cantastoria? Cantastoria is the Italian word for a performance form originating in 6th Century India involving the display of representational paintings accompanied by sung narration.)

There will also be performances from Clare Dolan, Spiro Dousias, Meredith Miller and a russian chorus.

And, as an extra bonus: The Packer Schopf gallery is concurrently running an exhibition of new work by frequent Oobleck collaborator Friese Undine — perhaps you recall his puppet shows from Known Unknowns or his sets for The Passion of the Bush.

Both exhibits run through May 8.

posted 04/12/2010