Unquenched Requenches!

This is a photo of the grave of Charles Baudelaire.

Those red smudges are—we can only surmise—from your own lipsticked lips, readers, as you try to manage your grief that Episode 9 of Baudelaire In A Box has come and gone. Well, you have moved our hearts. We are announcing an extension of 4 additional shows of Unquenched at Stage 773’s cabaret theater, Thursdays and Fridays 11/3 through 11/11.

The two Friday performances are late shows. May we recommend coming for the 7:30 early show latest presentation by our friends at BoyGirlBoyGirl ? Then, grab a drink at the bar while we set up the crankie, and join us for Unquenched at 10PM. Double Feature!

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Four shows only!

posted 10/26/2016