ChiIL Mama Review and Interview with composer Mark Messing

The website (dedicated to adventures in urban-odd ball-off the wall-alternative-eco-punk parenting in Chi, IL) highly recommends Oobleck’s The Hunchback Variations Opera, saying it “is truly a masterpiece that’s been percolating for the 23 years of Oobleck’s existence, waiting to see the light of day. It’s quirky and deep, hilarious and moving… This piece is right on so many levels; intellectual without being intimidating. (Full review here.)

ChiIL Mama also interviewed Mark Messing about his concurrent musical project, The Houdini Box, an adaptation of Brian Selznick’s book at Chicago Children’s Theater. (Selznick is also the author of The Invention of Cabret ; the production is directed and designed by frequent Oobleck collaborator Blair Thomas.) During the interview Mark discussed the experience of writing the score for both shows simultaneously. Click here for the video excerpt of that interview.

posted 02/21/2012