Casanova Benefit Nights! And more!

Casanova Takes a Bath is opening, and at every performance this weekend half the proceeds will go to the following worthy organizations.

Casanova is at its heart, a play about economic injustice. And so Friday’s performance will be a benefit for the American Friends Service Committee , which engages in peace and economic justice work.

Saturday is a benefit for The Crossroads Fund , a foundation that supports numerous local economic and social justice organizations.

And Sunday is a benefit for the Roger Park Montessori Financial Aid Fund.

We highly recommend that you make reservations for these events.

But that is not all we’ve got going on this weekend. In addition, we will be joining forces with the Neo-Futurists in presenting some of Danny Thompson and Greg Allen’s Lost Works of Samuel Beckett . This is being presented for free at Steppenwolf, in conjunction with their production of Endgame.

And that’s not all! Company member Diana Slickman, along with Oobleck vets David Kodeski and Rachel Claff, will perform with BoyGirlBoyGirl in The Flesh Market. On Friday night and Saturday nights, this will serve as a kind of double-feature (for you solo performance die-hards) with Casanova Takes a Bath. Come to the Prop Thtr for the Flesh Market, stay for the Bath.

posted 05/19/2010