An Apology… end-of-year press roundup

An Apology: Faustus

“By far the best piece of theater I saw all year.”
–Don Hall

“A decade ago, the initial run of this diabolically clever monologue established the singular genius of playwright Mickle Maher, insouciantly infecting the Western canon with his dark brand of whimsy. This time around, Colm O’Reilly’s indelible performance as the soul-selling scholar, whispering and ranting his way through Maher’s hauntingly absurd and slippery language, made the chilly Chopin basement space the Chicago fringe’s epicenter. When David Shapiro’s silent Mephistopheles turned off the lights at play’s end, he left audiences as speechless as his character.”
–Time Out Chicago (10 best plays of 2009)

“intellectually spry and surprisingly funny”
–Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune (best fringe of 2009)

Top 5 Shows, Top 5 Male Performances

“….the noise of a human mind, full of second thoughts and second-guesses…”

posted 02/08/2010