We open the festival with four Baudelaire In A Box episodes never before seen in Chicago, including 33 Spanish language songs!

FROM SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, 11 musicians including Lizbeth Román, Javier Carballido, Katira María, Cheryl Rivera, Maxi Rivas, and Andrea Cruz present two Spanish-language episodes: El Rey de la Lluvia and Noche Deliciosa.

These episodes are performed with the same scrolling illustrations created by Dave Buchen for The King of Rain and Delicious Night (Episodes 7 and 8, respectively) but with entirely original music. Performed in Spanish

FROM CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA AND AUSTIN, TEXAS, Curtis Eller, Jason Kutchma, and New Town Drunks present Episode 4: Bad Luck, originally mounted in Raleigh-Durham in 2012. Performed in English

FROM BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, Bati Paz presents the songs that ended up providing the inspiration for this epic project, setting Baudelaire’s five Wine poems to music: El Vino. These are poems are accompanied by the same scrolling illustrations that appeared in the English-langauge Wine Cycle (Episode 1) in 2010. Performed in the bar prior to the show, in Spanish.

The “Day One: New Views” episodes will be performed again, on Day TwoSaturday, August 5 — as part of our 12-hour marathon of every Baudelaire song we’ve ever done.


Links Hall at Constellation
Friday, August 4
7PM /$20
3111 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
*El Vino performed in the bar as pre-show starting at 6:45