Hideout Tuesday Night Residency

Tuesday nights in June, Theater Oobleck takes over Chicago’s greatest tavern as part of the Hideout’s ongoing residency series. Every week we will present a unique night of performance and music.

A showcase of short solo work — spoken, musical, and miscellaneous — by Oobleck regulars and associates Kristin Basta, Martha Bayne, Emmy Bean (Baudelaire in a Box), Robin Cline, Barrie Cole, Kat McJimsey (Spirits to Enforce, Strauss at Midnight), Heather Riordan (Letter Purloined, Spukt), Diana Slickman (Spirits to Enforce, Letter Purloined, There Is a Happiness That Morning Is), and Danny Thompson (Necessity, Hysterical Alphabet). Featuring new work by Oobleck ensemble member Mickle Maher (as performed by Kat McJimsey) and most likely an accordion or two.
Ronnie Kuller, of Mucca Pazza and Baudelaire in a Box, Episode 5: Possession, and Naomi Walker DJs before and after.

We present a revised arrangement of Chris Schoen’s song cycle The Voyage — a setting of the 8-part poem by Charles Baudelaire of the same name. With special guests Emmy Bean (Baudelaire in a Box), Amalea Tschilds (Tallulah, Paulina Hollers), and Jennifer Roehm. Originally performed in 2012 as part of Baudelaire in a Box, Episode 4: Death And Other Excitements, this reboot will feature new contributions from select musical guests.
80 Foots Per Minute (Chris Schoen, Emmy Bean, Troy Martin) will play an opening set.

Fictional Syndicated Talk Show Host Marty Grosbeck will devote the entire hour of his Fictional Syndicated Talk Show to an Exclusive Live Interview with the elusive and ornery Fictional American Folksinger Jewboy Cain. We will hear what Jewboy has been up to since his mysterious disappearance a decade ago following his performance in Theater Oobleck’s The Life and Times of Jewboy Cain: Jewboy Rejux. We hope Marty will coax Jewboy to pull out his guitar and play some old favorites… and maybe some new discoveries.
Marty Grosbeck (as previously seen in Oobleck’s 2003 Dorchen & Isaacson Medicine Show) is played by David Isaacson . Jewboy Cain is played by Jeff Dorchen. The Chicago Reader said the original production of The Life and Times of Jewboy Cain “is packed with as much musical entertainment as political venom” and Richard Christiansen wrote in the Chicago Tribune: “there is no doubt of the intelligence, wit and knowledge that [Dorchen] has put into his rambling new creation.”
John Corbett, of Corbett v. Dempsey, will DJ before and after.

A musical celebration of a new book of by John Shaw, one of
Oobleck’s founding members. Shaw, now based in Seattle, Washington, is the author of This Land That I Love: Irving Berlin, Woody Guthrie, and the Story of Two American Anthems. This work of musical and social history was one of The Atlantic’s Notable Releases of Fall 2013 and was one of six finalists for The Marfield Prize, the National Award for Arts Writing.
Selections from the book (read by John, Kerry Reid, and Oobleckers Terri Kapsalis and David Isaacson) will be paired with musical performances by John Shaw; New York’s Jay Sherman-Godfrey (World Famous Blue Jays, Laura Cantrell, They Might Be Giants); Oobleck’s Jeff Dorchen and Chris Schoen; Funkadesi’s Rahul Sharma and Lloyd King (with Johnse Holt); Maestro Subgum’s Kate O’Reilly; Yid Vicious’s Daithi Wolfe; Randy Farr; and Emmy Bean.
John Corbett, of Corbett v. Dempsey, will DJ before and after.

Oobleck Hideout Residency
Tuesdays in June, 2014. 9pm
The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia
Chicago, Illinois
$5 Suggested Donation. More if you’ve got it. Free if you’re broke. Tickets available at the door.
(Please note: The Hideout is a tavern. Under 21 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.)

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