Death and Other Excitements, Baudelaire in a Box Episode 3

In the latest installment of Baudelaire in a Box, Theater Oobleck presents seven new cantastoria adapted from the work of Charles Baudelaire: Six selections from the “death” section of Les Fleurs du Mal (“The Death of the Lovers,” “The Death of the Poor,” “The Death of the Artists,” “The End of the Day,” “The Dream of the Curious Man,” and “The Voyage.”) Plus the prose poem “Anywhere Out of the World.”

Crankies designed and illustrated by Dave Buchen. Music written and performed by Chris Schoen, with musical guests Troy Martin and Emmy Bean.

October 19-22
Wednesday—Saturday at 8pm

Corner of Sheffield & Newport (enter on Newport) in Chicago

Buy $15 tickets in advance

Suggested donation/more if you’ve got it/free if you’re broke tickets available at the door.

Baudelaire in a Box is a serial cantastoria project based on Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, created by founding Oobleck member Dave Buchen. Over the course of 7 years (culminating in 2017, the sesquicentennial of Baudelaire’s death), the project will adapt each poem from Les Fleurs du Mal as a unique cantastoria, featuring “crankies” (scrolling images) designed and illustrated by Dave Buchen, paired with a musical adaptation.

It is a project so ambitious, so immense, that it cannot be contained on a single web page. And so:

Dave is blogging about the process here, at the Baudelaire in a Box Blog.

An album of ten of Chris Schoen’s completed songs is available for live streaming or cheap download.

And all of Chris’s latest translations are here.

An video explanation of the cantastoria art form is presented by our colleague Clare Dolan here.

And learn more about Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal here.

After the shows in Chicago, we are off to MADISON, WISCONSIN for the
Wisconsin Book Festival
Sunday, October 23 · 4pm
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
227 State St

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