Consolations of the Moon, The Voyage, The Giantess: Baudelaire in a Box Episode 2

Theater Oobleck will be bringing its next installment of Baudelaire in a Box to New York for the Banners and Cranks Festival.

Baudelaire in a Box is Oobleck’s most ambitious project to date: a serial cantastoria* of the entire contents of Les Fleurs du Mal**, to be completed by 2017, the 150th anniversary of Baudelaire’s death. The project premiered with The Wine Cycle at last year’s Banners and Cranks Festival at Links Hall, in Chicago, and we performed the second installment at the Vititittiri Puppet Festival in Puerto Rico in January 2011.

We will be presenting two new works: Consolations of the Moon (a prose poem from “Paris Spleen”), and an operetta-style cantastoria based on The Voyage, Baudelaire’s longest poem, which will feature shadow puppets interacting with a multi-scroll proscenium stage. Both pieces feature set and illustrations by Dave Buchen, and The Voyage will feature original music written and performed by Chris Schoen, accompanied by the great Amy Warren.

JUNE 19 at 4PM at Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO FREE SHOW
JUNE 26th at 2PM at HERE Arts Center 145 6th Avenue

Saturday JUNE 25th at 7PM at HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Avenue

Friday JUNE 24th, at 11PM at HERE Arts Center, 145 6th Avenue

Tickets for the HERE shows are $20, but you can buy a festival pass or get a first-come-first served discount at HERE’s website.

The whole festival promises to be amazing. For more info, please visit Banners and Cranks.

*(And what is a cantastoria, you might ask? Cantastoria is the Italian word for a performance form originating in 6th Century India involving the display of representational paintings accompanied by sung narration. It traveled the world and has taken on many forms, from Indian religious Par scrolls to the Indonesian Wayang-Beber, to Persian Parda-dar entertainers, to itinerant European street performers selling broadsides, to the German banklesanger in Weimar cabarets to the present day revival.)
**1861 Edition, to be exact.