Annie Higgins

Annie Higgins (Translator/Composer) started the band Singing in the Abbey a pretty long time ago. Singing in the Abbey was a Chicago all girl quartet (piano, violin, cello, upright bass) that played originals and Sound of Music covers. Annie wrote and arranged all the songs for that band. After Singing in the Abbey, she started the band Weatherman with her favorite drummer, Jason Toth. Joshua Dumas was soon recruited for Weatherman’s pop minimalism cause. Weatherman has shared the stage with Juana Molina, Wild Belle, Nathaniel Braddock, Sandro Perri, Bayonne, and many others. Annie has collaborated with Marvin Tate, sometimes sings harmonies with Angela James and started a blog called Secret Weapon, where she interviews Chicago composers. In her full-time day gig, she works with the new music sextet, Eighth Blackbird, as their Company/Operations Manager.

posted 10/02/2016